wood charcuterie board

Ambrosia Maple Heart Handle Charcuterie Board


This new heart handle charcuterie board is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day of the year to celebrate your love for your special person! They are sanded and oiled with food grade mineral oil for the final presentation. This one is made out of thick Ambrosia Maple.


This one is 7" x 35" x .75" thick. 


Due to natural characteristics of wood, actual product images may vary slightly compared to in person. 


Ambrosia Maple is a general term attached to a variety of Acer (true maple) species whose boards included colorful bug “trails” — caused by a fungus carried by the Ambrosia Beetle which penetrates the tree sap as the beetle eats into the tree, and it spreads both through the worm hole and up and down in the tree (carried along by the sap) and causes discoloring of the wood in streaks. These pieces of wood have been kiln dried, finished and treated with FDA approved cutting board oil. The pinholes created by the beetle are not detrimental to the use of the board, and some may be filled in with starbond and some left in its natural state.