Epoxy easter egg

Epoxy Egg Shaped Charcuterie Board


This cute medium sized epoxy Easter Egg is perfect for your entertaining needs this spring season. Its one of a kind vibrant epoxy pigments makes it a perfect charcuterie board to display your sweets or meat and cheeses on your countertop at your next get together. It is made out of Cherry Wood and bar top epoxy with various bright colored pigments. This item is completely safe for displaying food and candies on your table top.  The back does not have epoxy resin so it can be used as a cutting board if desired.


This one is 10" x 13" x .75" (thickness)


Due to monitor and phone resolution variations, the colors of the resin may appear different in person than in these images.


Helpful tips for your resin piece:
Please do not put your resin board in the dishwasher
Please do not rub any abrasive materials on your epoxy resin
Please do not place any hot pots or plates onto your resin
Please do not cut on top of your resin
To clean the resin portion of your board just use a diluted glass cleaning solution or alcohol and then buff dry with mircrofiber cloth