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Who are we?

Who is Merdo Acres?

It started as a simple plan with two last names coming together to form a business name for our acreage in the Cuyamaca Woods of Julian, California. We are a husband (Brian) and wife (Molly) team that wanted to live more simply and be creative in what they love – functional art handmade by both of them. Molly is a graphic designer, artist and marketing professional that worked for over 13 years in the commercial aerospace business, but wanted to step out of the big corporate world and enjoy being an artist again. Brian spent a lot of his years wood working just for a hobby and enjoying hours in the wood shop. He worked for over 14 years in the fire service and retired from CalFire in San Diego County a few years ago. 

We have a passion for designing and making custom handmade wood products and epoxy art  (such as Handmade Cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards, live edge furniture, epoxy beach wave boards) from area native woods, and also exotic hardwoods from around the world. We also offer personalized branding to make wood products even more special for the customer, and have provided local restaurants, wineries and caterer’s engraved, custom made, items for their companies. Our goal is to be able to make unique handmade items for people to create memories in their homes or work, all while keeping woodworking craftsmanship alive and thriving.

For further information, or request an appointment, please send us an email!

Where are we located?

Merdo Acres woodworking shop is nestled on 8 acres of rolling mountains just behind the Cleveland National Forest and just a hour away from downtown San Diego. We are completely off the grid, powered by the sun (solar panels), batteries, generator and propane. 


Our Wood Design Retail Studio is located inside of the Julian Station, 4470 Julian Road, Julian, CA, and is open seasonally to see all of these items in person (plus more) or set up an appointment to see us other days of the week. 

If you're headed to Julian soon, check out the local Guide to Julian website to find out all there is to do here in our quaint little town https://visitjulian.com/ plus find other unique shopping experiences while you are here!

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We are also Real Estate Agents in the state of California!

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We are now real estate agents with FHL Realty, Inc. in Julian, California, which our offices are located right next to our Wood Design Studio in Julian Station. 

We specialize in backcountry and off the grid living in the San Diego County Backcountry areas. We live the off the grid life, and it wasn't easy to learn. Many people have a misconception of how to live this lifestyle and along our journey we learned many valuable lessons that we would love to share with our clients. Reach out to us today to learn more about solar systems and off the grid lifestyles!

Contact us today to see our listings and let us help you buy or sell a little slice of paradise in the backcountry. 


Molly Hodo 

Real Estate Agent

DRE# 02129314


Brian Hodo

Real Estate Agent

DRE# 02129316


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