california beach epoxy board

California Beach Epoxy Charcuterie Board


These charcuterie boards have easily become our favorite to make and a fan favorite to purchase. We first hand select the wood, then program our CNC to cut each piece individually, we then do a light sand before we do our first epoxy pour. Once the pour is completed, we wait at least 72 hours before we do anything further. Some boards may need a second coat, but others look so amazing with just one, we leave them alone. After the last bit of sanding is done, we use several coats of food grade mineral oil for the final step before they are ready for their new homes. 


The epoxy areas of any of our boards are used for serving only, do not cut or put anything hot on this part as it will surely ruin the board. We also don't pour epoxy on the back of any of our boards so you can use the whole surface for cutting or prepping food, if you prefer. 


Continued care of our boards is easy! Just use food grade cutting board oil every few weeks to keep your board smooth and soft. 


Size is 25" x 9" (widest point) x .75" (thickness). This one is made out of cherry wood.


Due to natural characteristics of wood and epoxy, actual product images may vary slightly compared to in person.


Our boards are handmade with the best hardwoods like Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Oak, Cherry, Wenge, Purpleheart, Padauk, Zebrawood, Redheart, Pecan and Mahogany in our home woodshop in Julian, California. They are hand rubbed with FDA compliant mineral oil and come with care instructions.